Prismacolors (Premiers and Scholars)

My 10 old year kid is becoming a color pencil fanatic

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Prismacolors are one of most known color pencils. These pencils have a soft core and are made out of wax. There are two types of Prismacolors. Premier and scholars., the premier have a soft core and have 12 set, 24 set, 48 set, 72 set, 132 set, and 150 set. The Prismacolors Premiers are great doing portrait and realistic pictures. Prismacolors scholars are also wax made but do not have the same quality as Premier. These pencils are not as good as Prismacolor Premier, but they are still very goo color pencil, specially when comparing to others scholars pencils. Prismacolor Premiers have become far way less expensive that before. Even with a 12 set of Premiers have the enough colors to do a portrait. Something that I dislike about Primscolor Premiers are that since they are made out of wax they can have a wax bloom and also that they…

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